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!! OMG, it’s over?!?! Kim Kardashian files for divorce !!

Ruh roh. All was apparently not well in K-nameland, because Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce from her husband of 72 days, Kris Humphries. The two shared an elaborate, multi-million-dollar wedding (didn’t that E! special JUST air, too?!) that for all the attention it received was not a catalyst for a happy marriage, after all. Sad face.

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    Maybe it’s too small for her.

    Chalk up another one for the “sanctity of marriage!”

    Exactly! Who didn’t see this coming? The stupid skank can’t stick with any guy for more than 10 minutes. She and Paris are 2 peas from the same pod. Only famous for doing a sex tape. Whole family is disgusting! But then again, they could use her as the posted child for gay marriage!

    This is news, why?

    I’ll just have to console poor Kris. She doesn’t want him, I’ll take him. He’s young, dumb and full of cum.

    If his dick was as big as her ass, she’d probably decide to stay married!

    Now honestly, who didn’t see this coming?

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