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!! OMG, ruined: Justin Bieber to sing Xmas duet with Mariah Carey !!

Oh, come on! You don’t mess with somethin’ that ain’t broke! Don’t you know anything, Mariah Carey? The songstress plans to record “All I want For Christmas Is You” with Justin Bieber for his upcoming Christmas album — which is like promising us coal in our stockings. Whyyyyyy?!?!
(via HuffPost)

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    So Justin Beiber will basically record a duet on a song that Mariah has already done. So what will they do? Just have him the harmony parts? Why would anyone want to duet with Mariah anyway? She’s a has been!

    So which one in that picture is the girl?

    Can everyone get one thing clear… Justin Beiber is NOT the next Michael Jackson… as much as he’d like to think he is.
    Doing a duet with Mariah Carey, on one of the best loved holiday tunes of all time (and I hate holiday tunes), is outrageous.
    Much like a zit, if we ignore Justin, maybe he’ll just go away on his own.

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