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!! OMG, sneak peek: Gaga’s ‘Marry The Night’ video !!

Another day, another Lady Gaga video — only you still have to wait for this one. Here’s a bit of sneak peek footage from behind the scenes of Mother Monster’s latest video for “Marry The Night.” The two-minute vid was shot in New York City by a Gaga fan, who apparently chose to put Gaga on a car in the pouring rain. Lynn Kelly, CEO of the Snug Harbor Cultural Center where the video was shot, told MTV News, “We found both her and her crew to be easy to work with and low-key. I think we would have expected a lot of drama, and the truth is, she is probably the most down-to-earth person. It was endearing. She was friendly and kind.”
(via HuffPost)

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    Drawing inspiration repeatedly from a single source is a bit uninspired in my jaded book.

    Jo, google a 50’s swimsuit. Everybody is pretty much copying everyone else. If you’re not jaded about the world, it’s called inspiration.

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