well lets be honest here.If she tones down the screaming she will and has gone far with it.So Bionic flop or not as many say she is the voice our generation I say she is just the Voice.
And those who will sit here and argue about her and lady g.I love her but come on if her latest cd didnt sell for $1 it would not have gone far.
Those who sit and say oh she is a mom tone it down.HELLO! one word MADONNA
I mean look at brit brit bitch is crazy and she is on top and she doesnt even sing.I wonder if xtina has to go that way but doubt it 1 day she is out drinking and the next they are all over her ass.smh
m not here to argue about it all but we have to be fair and many want to see her fail but it wont happen not with a voice like that.