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!! OMG, by the power vested in him: Conan marries two gay men !!

My sister — who I don’t talk to very often — texted me at 12:02am: “Wow! Did u watch conan tonight?!” “No…should I have?” was my reply. “It was eventful,” she texted back, “not comedy but he married two gay men on his show…Making a statement.” So while marriage between two men seems like a perfectly normal idea to me, sometimes I forget just how important examples of LGBT love are in mainstream media…because maybe to a woman in a small Southern town, Conan O’Brien can change minds.
(via Queerty)

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    Then why do you keep coming back Clay?

    OMG IDIOT……It’s “VESTED”in him……NOT “INVESTED” Dude, you keep proving my point that you are as smart as a box of rocks. This site needs some help, it has gone to hell this past year.

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