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!! OMG, by the power vested in him: Conan marries two gay men !!

My sister — who I don’t talk to very often — texted me at 12:02am: “Wow! Did u watch conan tonight?!” “No…should I have?” was my reply. “It was eventful,” she texted back, “not comedy but he married two gay men on his show…Making a statement.” So while marriage between two men seems like a perfectly normal idea to me, sometimes I forget just how important examples of LGBT love are in mainstream media…because maybe to a woman in a small Southern town, Conan O’Brien can change minds.
(via Queerty)




    Then why do you keep coming back Clay?

    OMG IDIOT……It’s “VESTED”in him……NOT “INVESTED” Dude, you keep proving my point that you are as smart as a box of rocks. This site needs some help, it has gone to hell this past year.

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