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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, his butt: Dominic Cooper !!

Ummmm, someone forgot to tell me how (insanely) sexy actor Dominic Cooper is without any clothes on. Like whoa. Cooper stars in The Devil’s Double, a biodrama about the true survival story of Uday Hussein’s body double. But, having seen the NSFW stills after the jump, I can certifiably assure you that Cooper is eons hotter than the man he portrays. Like…whoa.

naked dom 1.jpg
naked dominic cooper 5.png
naked dominic cooper 3.jpg
naked dominic cooper 2.jpg
dom cooper 3.jpg
naked dominic cooper 1.jpg
naked dominic cooper 6.jpg
naked dominic cooper 4.jpg
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    Hot damn! I’ve always thought he was very attractive, I never knew that he had it going on like this, though. I’ve seen a lot of asses on this site being trotted out as something to behold and I often end up disappointed. Not in this case! This is what a great ass looks like. Somebody get me a fork.

    MUCH hotter with the mustache… And that butt looks like it’s made of steel.

    Now THAT’S a nice ass!

    No idea he had been hiding an ass like that. Truly great.

    stellar ass!

    Isn’t his name Cooper, not Copper?

    Now THAT is a delicious looking ass! Yummy!!!

    I fucking love Dominic Cooper and would be the happiest man in the world if he farted loudly and manfully in my face…!

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