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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, his butt: Teddy Sears !!

Regrettably, I have not seen American Horror Story, but word on the street is that the show’s just one long butt feast…so, clearly, I need to start watching. Follow the jump to see Teddy Sears bare his booty in NSFW screen grabs from a recent episode.

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    Yummy! Plant that thing on my face now. 😀

    If the rumors of him having a girlfriend are true I’ll scream. No woman could handle that beautiful ass.

    I would easily say that Mr. Sears, his handsomeness and that body “light up the screen” and they would save for the fact that the series seems filmed in total DARKNESS….I understand the quest for atmospheric mystery but the show should be able to be seen to understand and enjoy. At the very least; Light Teddy Sears.

    After viewing Teddy’s bun-fest episode numerous times; I honestly cannot say which cheek I like most.

    I hope Teddy is resting that beautiful behind for the second season’s filming of “American Horror Story”…..Maybe this season we can see his peen.

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