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!! OMG, how revealing: Zac Efron’s Halloween costume !!

Zac Efron decided to gay it up this Halloween by dressing as the mincing officer from Reno 911. We are not complaining. (via Towleroad)




    why do all u lonely desperate sissies always want someone to be gay with u……he’s in a fuckin costume from reno 911, he’s not gay, get the fuck over it…….what u should have been commenting on is why he has no dick print in those tiny shorts u broke jealous losers

    Good lord, when is this child going to just come out of the flippin closet ??
    Zac! Come out of the closet, we all know u r in threre…

    As opposed to the other 364 days of the year when he’s not gaying it up.

    Very hot!

    yum yum

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