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!! OMG, size matters: The biggest magazine EVER !!

Who better to grace the cover of the world’s biggest magazine ever than the world’s biggest pop star ever? Lady Gaga appears as a greased-up mermaid for the 61st issue of Visionaire. The deluxe edition measures 5×7 feet and retails for $1,500 — while the standard 3×5 feet copy costs only $375. So in other words, if you head to the newsstand, bring a flatbed truck.
(via FashionIndie)

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    “World’s biggest pop star ever.” What a joke! That’d be MJ or Madonna or even Britney before it’s Gaga.

    She’s not the biggest popstar. May be to the writer she is. Her latest album is a flop. Katy Perry and Britney are way bigger stars than her.

    I think she looks pretty 🙂

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