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!! OMG, the Season 2 premiere of 'Two Jasperjohns' !!

Our new favorite comedy series Two Jasperjohns is back for its second season and we're honored to be premiering it here on !! omg blog !!

Watch the episode above, then after the jump, read our interview with creator Vinny Lopez and check out some exclusive behind-the-scenes production photos.

And in case you missed the first season, you can quickly catch up right here.

2J_Season2Pics 002.jpg
Jim Noonan (left) and Vinny Lopez

How did you and lead actor Jim Noonan come together to work on Two Jasperjohns?

Vinny Lopez: His boyfriend and I have been friends for years, so when I was on the search for acting redheads with beards who are charming, Jim was on the shortest short-list. Also, he has the hair I always wanted to have, so I think I was already biased in his clark-kent-curls favor.

Are any of the characters in the show inspired by people you know?

Joel, from this new season, is based on many, so many dudes who laugh/bro too loud at East Village restaurants these days. I know that they keep the city's economy afloat, but sometimes I wish they could do that from Hoboken. Sorry Citibank! Real talk.

To be clear, Michael Hartney, who plays Joel, is REALLY non-douchey. He's just very good at playing one.

2J_Season2Pics 004.jpg

Will there be another epic love triangle (or plushy cameo) in Season 2?

Brotherly love. And (the legal kind of) animal love. Wait... there *is* a shower scene coming up, too. And there is another sexy dance scene, too. And someone threatens to get "lips deep in that porcelain ass," as well. I mean that counts as love, doesn't it?

What is your favorite band at the moment?

I feel like a lot of great stuff has come out in the past few weeks... I'm a huge fan of Bradford Cox (Atlas Sound/Deerhunter), so I've been listening to his new album a lot. And that new Drums album has been on heavy rotation. Oh, and the new Thee Oh Sees, which is fantastic. Garage-rock-revival is one of those evergreen genres that never, ever seems to get old for me. But most of all, that Jamie Woon album, which feels like if Justin Timberlake and Terrence Trent D'arby were on mild anti-depressants and listening to minimal at 3am. His melodies really stick with you.

2J_Season2Pics 006.jpg

Have you ever played rugby (gay or otherwise)?

I don't know if I have it in me to break my leg in three places while having an elbow jammed into my eye socket - but it's definitely appealing. Rugby players have the best sportswear, for sure. Though... it might be hard to top the accessories on those Jai Alai players.

2J_Season2Pics 008.jpg

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» posted by Frank on Wednesday, November 30, 2011
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Um, that was fantastic. Also, Josh makes me feel special "down there", ha ha.

» posted by Craig | November 30, 2011 5:39 PM

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