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!! OMG, watch Erykah Badu in a bizarre anti-bullying PSA !!

From the ‘before they were famous’ files comes this nonsensical anti-bullying PSA starring none other than a young, fresh-faced Erykah Badu. The soul star appears at the beginning of the video, which is entitled “Kids Lives,” wearing a polka dot top and um, the hat to match. She actually tweeted about the recently-uncovered clip earlier today after one of her followers brought it to her attention.
“Where the hell did u find THAT?” she wrote. “I was 22, 1st a gig outta college. Never saw the whole thing till now. Hahahahaha that’s awful.”
Make sure you watch all the way through to the end.




    This is my new favorite thing.
    BUT… I am confused by the Sarah McLachlan… by the time that song was released, so was Erykah’s first record, as well as her live one, no???

    Okay..what did I just watch? LOL! That kid looked like a fat Cory Feldman. And Mom jeans all around! hahahaha

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