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!! OMG, he approved this message: Rick Perry !!

Rick Perry‘s “Strong” campaign ad — in which he attacks “Obama’s war on religion” and laments that “gays can serve openly in the military but our kids can’t openly celebrate Christmas or pray in school” — perfectly encapsulates everything the Republican Governor of Texas needs before he can be a credible nominee: a heart, a brain… and a fact checker.




    Psycho bigot.

    i had no idea that Christmas was banned in public schools!….it’s good to know that the conservative religious right candidates are prepared to battle this outrage instead of focusing on the meltdown of the global economy.

    Perry is just another Texas shit-heel who’s all hat and no cattle.

    Go to this ad on YouTube and “dislike” it. Also, flag it and indicate the reason as “bullying”. This ad, if you can call it that, has more dislikes than likes. Send a message that this crap won’t be tolerated.

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