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!! OMG, Merry Christmas: From Teddy, the talking porcupine !!

If ever you wondered what a porcupine wearing a Santa hat and eating a Christmas cookie looked like, well, now you know.




    omg a pet porcupine! who knew? So adorable. Thanks.

    OMG, what is with all the cutesy crap random videos lately? People who want that can go directly to YouTube, a site half-filled with that. You notice no one comments on this stuff?
    I’m not just interested in the naked guys, but I remember when this site featured some genuinely interesting stuff one wouldn’t otherwise find on their own.

    I agree with jakeoff. It’s appalling what’s become of his personal blog here, that not every last thing suits his tastes on this blog that belongs to him and was made for him by him to please him and only him…

    Oh so cute! Haha.

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