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!! OMG, where do you live? The hottest-looking cities in the US !!

Travel + Leisure magazine wanted to know where the hottest people in America live — and why not? It’s a valid query. The magazine’s survey found that, while New York claims the most stylish population and Washington, D.C. the most intelligent, the 10 hottest cities are:
1. Charleston
2. San Diego
3. San Juan, Puerto Rico
4. Denver
5. Austin
6. Miami
7. Savannah
8. Honolulu
9. Phoenix/Scottsdale
10. Nashville
(via News Feed)

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    I’d say Charleston deserves the #1 spot when it comes to brains too; that’s where the naval nuclear training command is located…and is also filled with great looking sailors too. So, for the ones looking for a smart and good looking guy, go to Charleston!

    … Um… Check the link for the source. Are we sure this isn’t the list from Nov of 2010??

    I don’t think my city deserved it either (San Juan). But hey, beauty is relative.

    D.C. the most intelligent? I beg to differ.

    My city made the list but I’m not sure if it deserves to be on here.

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