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!! OMG, his butt: C. Thomas Howell !!

In his youthful prime, actor C. Thomas Howell was quiiiiiiiiiite the lookster—as proven by the NSFW shots of his butt from the 1992’s To Protect and Serve. See them after the jump.

Click images to enlarge.
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    Wow… that one shot, where he’s getting up out of bed (#2)… he’s in nice position to play with some hole! Yum!

    Damn i used to love him back in the day. Jacked off countless times with him being my inspiration. Love that butt!!

    oh yeh, I remember him when I was a kid, he was such a hot guy. I had the biggest crush on his cute older Bart Simpson charm and he’s grown up to be a pretty decent looking guy for his age. not that 40 something is ancient by any means. hell, I’d still do him…

    Sorry about that, guys! The pics are up now. xo Frank

    you forgot the link!

    wheres the butt??

    Can’t see a jump that isn’t there. 😛

    You forgot to post the “jump”

    you forgot to put the photos ;)))

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