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!! OMG, dude can sing: Obama covers Al Green !!

And once again, Barack Obama proves he’s the coolest possible candidate to have his job in 2012. The President appeared at the Apollo Theatre in New York yesterday, where he won over the crowd by singing a little ditty of Al Green’s. Looks like somebody’s gonna be around for four more years…




    He can sing. This song can put you in the mood.

    I would say ‘keep your day job’ but we’re DOOMED if that incompetent jackass stays in office.
    One and DONE for that assclown!

    Oh good. Now we can relax about whether Obama would get the Black vote. I was losing sleep over that one.

    Y’all stop hating on my baby daddy (in my dreams). You guys better be careful what u wish for, because baby you could be having dullard and obviously fake Romney or mean grumpy grandpa Gingrich Simposon up there singing anti gay lullabies to us all! Come on now, let’s not even start considering crazy uncle Ron Paul or overtly gay hating Santorum…
    Obama may have not been great/perfect but he’s damn better than the alternative bozos you see up there!!!

    Wow, Steve, nice to know we’ve got another racist among us…

    It’s “ditty,” dear. Not diddy. Jesus Christ, learn English, will you?

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