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!! OMG, high fashion: ‘Bros Blowin’ Shotties’ !!

Being the deviant culture-pusher that it is, VICE Magazine recently featured a fashion spread called “Bros Blowin’ Shotties,” which depicts decked-out models in an act of herbal camaraderie. And with all the mouth-to-mouth proximity, the editorial is even a touch homoerotic. Follow the jump to see more photos.
(Thanks, Kevin!)

red-and-blue jackets.jpg

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    Shotguns were a most intense experience that led me to realise that I was Gay. I joke now that Pot made me Gay. It always gets a nervious laugh.

    I really like looking at various men show love towards one another.

    If you think this is gross, then you’ve never had a dude for whom you had teh hots shotgun you – cuz that shit is HOT as fuck. And these pics, to me, aren’t a touch homoerotic – they are HEAVILY homoerotic. And I love them.

    Yay for hit passing:) boo for haten hogers ;p ain’t nothing gross bout sharin the smoke they arent even making contact! Tho I wouldn’t mind.I support,share it how ever you want!


    I love a good shotgun 😉

    yeah, gross.

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