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!! OMG, more like thug lite: Rihanna’s new tattoo !!

According to this chart, the placement of Rihanna’s new THUG LIFE tattoo—which she tweeted the above photo of mid-inking—suggests that she’ll one day serve a prison sentence. (In which case, she may actually live a thug life.)
(via MTV)

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    Mikey, seriously? Elton John? thats John Lennon for pete’s sake.
    anyways, i love Rihanna and i like most of her tattoos but this one is just ridiculous. also, that forehead needs to be covered up by a fringe, hat, do-rag, turban, just something coz it dont look good here :/

    seriously? what a loser.

    What a joke.

    Thug Life while wearing an Elton John t-shirt?

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