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!! OMG, movie battle: ‘Dragon Tattoo’ vs. ‘Mockingbird’ !!

There are some who are calling the title sequence for David Fincher‘s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (above) the best opening to any movie. Ever. And to them I say this:

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    I agree: Mocking Bird wins, hands down, for the reasons Brent stated.

    as if i didn’t already love your blog enough – you reference mockingbird – brilliant.
    thank you.

    Dragon Tattoo was very James Bond-ish. Sorry…wasn’t that original (as well shot as it is). Mockingbird, on the other hand, super original for its day!

    The brashness of Tattoo pulls me away, the softness of Mockingbird pulls me in.

    I agree. I worked for Steve Frankfurt for many years. He was a genious!!

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