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!! OMG, quoted: Chris Crocker on his new look !!

“I don’t feel like just a man or just a woman. I feel really comfortable with both the feminine and masculine sides of myself…The most irritating thing is guys I find attractive say, “Oh my God — you’re so hot now.” It’s like, “OK?” You need to be able to see the full picture of who I am — not just half the picture. You can’t put your hand over half of who I am and accept part of me.” — former Britney fanatic and soon-to-be porn star Chris Crocker‘s deep thoughts
(via HuffPost)

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    I knew this would happen! I called it years ago when he first started dressing as a woman. “he lived as a woman for three years” but it was not genuine. He didn’t even know how to shave his legs 3 years ago. He was totally fake and an insult to the transgendered community. Sellout.

    “The full picture of what I am” What? A guttersnipe?

    if anything, this post inspires me to go to the gym more.

    hes a train wreck in all forms none cares what he says and i dont understand why you even posted this to begin with, everytime i look at him it reminds me to take out the trash

    What a douche. If he wants to be respected for his intelligence, then perhaps he should write a novel and not star in porn.


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