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!! OMG, watch the new Trust video: 'Bulbform' !!


There's a lot of new music we're looking forward to in 2012 and high on our must-have list is TRST, the debut from Trust, the dark synth duo made up of lead singer Robert Alfons and songwriter Maya Postepski, who also drums for Austra. After easing us in to their mysterious, dry ice-shrouded world with the gently meandering single "Candy Walls," the Toronto-based pair have offered up something harder hitting in their follow-up, the banger "Bulbform."

Watch the just-released "Bulbform" music video, directed and edited by Duncan Alexander Forbes:

TRST is out Feb. 28 via Arts & Crafts.

The full album track listing is after the jump.

Bulbform track listing:

1. Shoom
2. Dressed For Space
3. Bulbform
4. The Last Dregs
5. Candy Walls
6. Gloryhole
7. This Ready Flesh
8. F.T.F.
9. Heaven
10. Chrissy E
11. Sulk

OMG, listen to the new Trust single: "Sulk"
OMG, Trust to release "Joyland" album in March
OMG, new band (with !! omgblog !! association) alert: Trust
OMG, photos: Trust live in Toronto
OMG, new Trust remix: Null takes on 'Rescue Mister'

» posted by Kevin on Friday, January 6, 2012
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