!! OMG, case of the Wednesdays? Here’s your cure !!

Despite it’s jovial nickname, “Hump Day,” Wednesdays can still be hard. Unlike the fresh promise of Mondays, if the first two days of the week were particularly rough, you’re left on Wednesday to endure two more days until the weekend respite. What is a boy to do?! Answer: Dream of actual humping and watch this video from Andrew Christian, which features nearly-naked models squirting each other with water guns. Ooooh yes.
(via Morning Meme)

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2 Comments on "OMG, case of the Wednesdays? Here’s your cure"

  1. Sorry – last comment said Quinn (the first guy with the squirt gun in the video) was from Minot, South Dakota. It is Minot, North Dakota (chilled to the bone in Winter). Think we should start a fan club for this beautiful man? He is obviously a rising model if Andrew Christian has any imfluence.

  2. One of the models in this video (the guy who shows up with the squirt gun) is named Quinn, who is from Minot South Dakota and now lives in LA. If you want to see more of Quinn (NSFW) then go here – he is absolutely gorgeous: http://raunchster.tumblr.com/tagged/QuinnLA

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