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!! OMG, you decide: Does this guy have the best butt in the world? !!

Now, of course, I may be wrong. But if I’m not, then German actor Maximilian Brueckner really does have the most beautifully shaped butt in the world. He even gives this a run for it’s money. See for yourself after the jump.

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    A butt like any other!!!

    I would say that butt is definately a contender for best in the world. I think it is perfect!!!

    It’s a nice butt, but (pun intended) I think that the honor of “best in the world” still belongs to porn star John Magnum.

    Ummm I think they are the exact same butt. lol Boy that guy does have a hot ass.. he could sit on my face any day.

    OMG! Too flat, too long, too wide, not enough hair, skinny, ugly, has haemorrhoids…………sorry, was having a ‘Shannon’ moment. In fact I agree with you, this is the sort of arse I would like to use as a pillow; it looks soft, round and I wouldn’t like to be away from it for too long!

    I am German and this actor does have a nice butt. But I am somehow quite sure that no German can rival any well built black man in the ass department.

    zzz. next article, please!

    I agree with Mark. It’s nice to know what movie it comes from. We’re here for that too, even if 99.5% for the cash and prizes.

    It’s from his movie, “ResturLub”

    It’s from a German movie called “Resturlaub” and the actor’s name is Maximilian Brückner. The movie is pretty fun =)

    Great butt! But when you post images from films, can you tell us what film it’s from so we can try to see it?

    It’s very nice, and I think these things are always a matter of personal taste, but I’ve seen better. That being said, he should show it more often, nothing like a nice ass.

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