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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, he’s naked: Hayden Leung !!


In 2011’s Bad Romance, Chinese actor Hayden Leung finds the man of his dreams… launching them both into an adulterous affair. Oh, and he gets naked. Like all the way naked. See the NSFW stills after the jump.

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    Kinda big for an Asian…must be a dick-double.

    Well. He’s doing his best to disprove the Asian stereotype.

    oh man, the guy is REALLY manly and cute at the same time…and looks like a very thick one:)

    wow…was not expecting that sorta girth.

    Yay! More hot Asians please


    Meh, I go to a gym in Koreatown I see better Asian ass than that many times a week

    There goes that stereotype…


    lol really meh? I’ve been to a Korean bath house (in Seoul Korea btw) and I can first hand tell ya the asses there were as your name describes, they were pretty meh. Not saying they all are the same but I wasn’t really impressed there.
    Japan however is another story. I think they all get buttock implants or something because it was just to much ass to handle.

    He’s wearing a sock! No penis.

    Naturally, a provocative post of a non-white male has evoked racial or borderline racist comments from the vast majority of the group. Must we deteriorate to bigotry within our own community?

    What the fuck is with all these lame ass racist assholes on here? Agreed, why is that every time there’s a hot post about an ethic guy (esp. Asians), all the trolls come out of the woodwork? Do us all a favor and stay on Fox news.con or the Drudge.

    Who cares about his race? Love to have that beautiful face, ass and impressive peen in front of me right now. No sock that I can see. For all who don’t believe Asians can be well hung simply go here” http://hungasian.wordpress.com/ and think again (NSFW)! Enough bigotry already – enjoy his beauty and especially his courage – could you take it all off for the world to see?!

    So a brief side view of a beautiful uncut cock on a good looking guy is disappointing to some racists. Cool. More hot guy for the rest of us with brains.

    Trashing other people to make yourself feels better just prove you are below them and it makes you feel good to drag somebody down. Come on, there’s enough hatred towards LGBT community from the clerics & homophobes. No need to create tension among us. This Asian guy is hot and let’s just admit it.

    Give you to me, cute and hung dude!

    grade A baby

    it could be a sock, but I think it is a fat uncut cock. Asian can have those, you know? I have seen some, and no socks. Cute butts-

    no sock at all. There are lots of Asians and Latin American who can exhibit big, fat, uncut penises! Stop racial prejudice,and stop “foreskin envy”

    this guy looks like a guy whos been on the news who was murdered I thought he looked gay the guy who killed him definitely was

    Big penis. Inside me now, please.

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