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!! OMG, he’s naked: Ioane King !!

Ioane King 00.jpg
If you like your men big, beefy, and bronzed, then you’re probably already watching Spartacus: Vengeance on Starz if only for the scenes with a naked Ioane King. But if not, check out the NSFW peen and butt shots of the actor after the jump.

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    Hi Ryan, yes there is! Just click the “Candy” link on the top menu bar. xo Frank

    Is there a part of this site where all you see is nude Men. especially Peen’s!

    oh my! Those butts are fantastic! His best asset,

    Actually, they shaved the hair off their bodies to fight lice.

    Oh fellow Queen City resident Kevin, I’m with you on this one; brawny muscular men without pubic hair might as well be eunuchs. Even if gladiators shaved down there back in the Roman era, the training would have created rashes and infections in the areas protected by pubic hair, as is now noted by many athletic trainers Pubic hair is power. The more there is, the more I submit…

    I could care less about peen(some of the time), but his meaty ass drives me wild.

    Actually, Kevin, they did shave a lot in those times. it looked good then, and it looks good now. lol.

    Sadly it is most likely not that actor’s choice in this case but American TV that decided that a fake penis needed to be used.
    To comment on the shaved look, that is the way that gladiators were presented. In the first Spartacus series they had a few episodes where the characters were using the hair removal tools to clean off the growths of body hair. Body hair was meant for men where as slaves were to be hairless. I don’t know if that was strictly to humiliate them or to make them more feminized for when their male owners had sex with them.

    Sadly Robert & Shaun, it’s true. I remember reading an article with one of the actors from the previous series of Spartacus who did a full frontal and he admitted that they used prosthetics.


    Meh…If you’ve seen one overly-buffed-out-hairless-Dude-except-for-where-it-counts (HOO-RAY!), you’ve seen’em all. Who knew gladiators had electrolysists (sp?)? Whatever. I’m waiting for REAL men to come back into fashion (and they will)…

    I agree with Shaun. It’s becoming common place for actors to use a prosthetics, rather than to display their own…shame.

    Wow… nice peen shot. Looks hefty, juicy and a mouthful

    It has to be a prosthetic; and not a very good one. If you watch the episode, the guy is moving around a lot but his penis does not move at all!

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