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!! OMG, how interesting: John Waters' CD collection !!

john waters cd collection.jpg

Every year we look forward to reading filmmaker John Waters' Top 10 films list in ArtForum, so we were very excited when the Pope of Trash offered up his favorite recent albums to Rookie, an online mag for teen girls, as part of a tour of his Baltimore home. Naturally his pad is fully stocked with fake food, pulp fiction and Justin Bieber memorabilia. Shockingly, however, the Biebs' new Christmas album was absent from a pile of CDs he showed to Rookie's photographer.

So what is Waters listening to these days? A compilation of covers of The Velvet Underground's "I'll Be Your Mirror," Benjamin Grosven's Chopin, Liszt, Ravel, Keren Ann's 101, Lykke Li's Wounded Rhymes, Gang Gang Dance's Eye Contact, PJ Harvey's Mercury Prize winner Let England Shake, Chris Isaak's Beyond the Sun, Wye Oak's The Knot, southern rapper Yelawolf's Radiaoctive, and Zola Jesus's Conatus.

Take the tour of John Waters house here and check out the vid for Yelawolf's "Hard White (Up in the Club)" below:

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» posted by Kevin on Wednesday, February 8, 2012
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I still don't understand what Mike aka The Situation is doing up there! Hehe.

» posted by Claudia | March 21, 2012 5:51 AM

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