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!! OMG, a peen contest: ‘The Big Swap’ !!

After the jump, see the four actors — Anthony Edridge, Kevin Hwsarth, Richard Cherry, and Mark Caven — who bare all for a group shower scene in 1998’s swinger movie, “The Big Swap.” Decide who you think makes the best show of it and tell us in the comments!

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    Mark Caven nice and thick with juicy hangers you see him most in this scene and the one I would want to play with

    Aaaw you linked to my post on Justadream!
    I brought that on VHS years ago, so excited to see such blatant frontals in a ‘romantic drama’
    Glad you like it man

    They are ALL small….

    If Eldridge is on the far left, then him.

    Come on now. One marginal side view, one covered with a hand, the one in the distance is overshadowed by bush or an odd shadow or both. Guy on the left wins by default, not that his isn’t nice anyway.
    I suppose you’re trying, but this really seems to be reaching as far as a subject of a contest. Couldn’t you have contests between semi-pro guys from porn sites that would welcome the exposure for their models and the extra traffic it would bring them, or something like that?

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