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!! OMG, actual laughter: Lindsay Lohan’s funniest SNL moment !!

The Real Housewives of Disney was by far the best moment from Lindsay Lohan‘s big comeback SNL performance, which if you caught it somehow proved not to be a complete train-wreck. So, like, is LiLo back?

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    and she was the weak link in that otherwise successful skit.

    Is she back? Only like a bad rash.

    The Disney skit is the best of all skits she have done. I noticed that she has some problems with her lines and she depended on the teleprompter. I don’t blame her if she is a little bit rusty but come on… She had a week of rehearsals.

    No, can we please just stop referring to her at all? If a Lohan falls in a forest where no one’s paying attention, maybe she doesn’t really exist.

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