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!! OMG, cute: Taylor Swift’s new kitty !!

Say what you will about Taylor Swift (personally, I want to say “Go away”), but girl has a cuuuuuuute cat, named Meredith. Here Swifty is talking to said cat in a blatant ploy to get fans to vote for her at the ACMs. You know what, actually, just mute the video and watch for flashes of kitty.




    Can someone please tell me what guys like Jake Gyllenhaal, Chord Overstreet, Cory Monteith, Taylor Lautner, Liam Hemsworth and Nick Jonas see in Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus?

    “watch for flashes of kitty”? I thought you were gay…..

    “Go away” for this dullard of dubious talent works for me.

    That is a beautiful cat.

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