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!! OMG, endless breadsticks: The story of Marilyn Hagerty !!


There are multiple layers of awesome to the story of Marilyn Hagerty, the restaurant critic for the Grand Forks Herald who reviewed the new Olive Garden -- the nicest joint in town -- which has since gone viral thanks to Gawker and Eater. But my favorite part of the whole shebang is perhaps that Hagerty's own paper covered the review's Internet popularity, pointing out that:

"The website postings were because residents of more metropolitan areas found it amusing that a chain restaurant would be reviewed. In larger markets, newspaper reviews are reserved for exclusive, high-end eateries that offer fine dining."

And the paper wasn't about to let those "more metropolitan areas" poke fun at one of its own, either. The article's final line reminded readers that "although chain restaurants, buffets and truck stops have been subjects of her reviews, she has eaten at The White House. Twice."

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» posted by Phillip on Friday, March 9, 2012
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