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!! OMG gossip: Remember these guys? !!


OMG 90s heartthrobs now and then [socialite life]

OMG hot footballer man kiss! [dlisted]

OMG, famous gay denial over the years [huffpo]

Rick Santorum's obsession with gays and abortion is frustrating Republican strategists [towleroad]

What do you think of Justin Theroux's makeover? [celebitchy]

Gays will destroy civilization according to Kirk Cameron [joe my god]

Demi Moore is out of rehab for pain pills and eating disorder, now on vacation [allie]

OMG supermodel battle: Adriana vs. Doutzen hand-to-hand for V Magazine [oh la la]

Chancellor Angela Merkel gets showered with beer by a waiter ANIMATED GIF [tabloid prodigy]

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony will host a Spanish language talent show [celebrity cafe]

OMG Adele is engaged? [evil beet]

Zac Efron speaks about the condom-dropping at the Lorax incident [popbytes]

OMG best coming out scenes! [after elton]

New music video for Morgan Page featuring Tegan and Sara "Body Work" [arjan]

OMG every Skrillex song at the same time! [double viking]

Katy Perry looks like Amy Winehouse on the cover of Interview [amy grindhouse]

Conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart is dead at 43 [kenneth]

OMG Channing Tatum's hot movie moments! [the berry]

OMG Kim Kardashian dance audition tape! [2leep]

OMG, mean mommy: Why isn't Demi Moore talking to her daughters?
OMG gossip: Serena Williams makes her rap debut
OMG gossip: The world's most expensive poo
OMG, gossip: Meet your new favorite male pop star
OMG gossip: What size is Xtina?

» posted by Frank on Saturday, March 3, 2012
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