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!! OMG, happy tears: Fred Armisen’s ‘Intervention’ !!

Not gonna lie — whenever I need a good cry, there’s no better fount of catharsis than A&E’s Intervention. (All those sad, sad junkies!) But thanks to Funny or Die and Fred Armisen, now the show can also be squeezed for a good laugh. That is, if your day lacks that neccessary bit of emotional roller coaster, like mine.

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    Is this new? Wasn’t his ex Elizabeth (the Mad Men actress that was also in this video) just recently bad mouthing him to the press?

    Hahaha loved it. Kriston Chenoweth did a spoof of Intervention years ago, that was hilarious! Worth checking out.

    My wife, Candy Finnigan, is one of the interventionists on the show Fred is spoofing. A mutual friend of hers and Fred’s
    arranged for Candy to show up unannounced on the set while they were filming this vid. They screamed! Of course, Candy doesn’t find anything amusing about the real, deadly disease of addiction, but she got a kick out of this.

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