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!! OMG, his peen: Tim DeKay !!

Tim DeKay was one of several cast members to get naked on HBO’s short-lived series Tell Me You Love Me, but he was one of the few actors to show his peen as well. See the NSFW shots after the jump.

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    cut “peen” as all US males have!

    What kind of size queen calls that above average dick “small”?

    too ld a guy to be running around naked! Normal ass and small cut cock!

    Sorry I was too entranced by the hot African-American GOD giving a rub down to some lucky dude in the ad underneath there. I couldn’t be bothered to squint enough to see the “peen.”

    I agree with Markus. Peen sounds something a 9 year old girl would say. Why not call it a Peepee? Doesn’t anyone have a cock anymore!

    Are you guys not able to write the word “penis” or perhaps “dick” ? “Peen” is not used by anyone.

    Perfect Man!!!

    Not bad. Not bad at all! 🙂

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