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!! OMG, rumor denied: Darren Criss isn’t joining ‘X Factor’ !!

While Britney Spears is said to be fiercely negotiating (or at least her camp is) for a higher judge’s salary on X Factor‘s second season, it seems Glee star Darren Criss isn’t interested in joining Simon Cowell‘s show. According to E!, Criss was offered the hosting job, which he turned down because “there’s no way he could have done it with everything he has going on,” the network reported. It’s sad really, because I would have enjoyed watching Criss bat his puppy-dog lashes at Britney, who, naturally, would have fluttered right back. Alas, what could have been.




    Having Darrin on X-Factor would have made me actually watch it. Having Britney on it will make me avoid it like the plague.

    shows like x-factor etc. are for those who’s careers are pretty much over. Darren is on the upslope, which is why they want him. he’d have to be crazy to accept an offer like this.

    A very good and true statement. Darren is very much an up and coming talent, not a has been trying to make a comeback or someone on a steep decline like most of the others.

    What would even qualify him for that job? Then again, I guess what qualifies Britney Spears to judge singing….

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