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!! OMG, speaking out: David LaChapelle on being bullied !!


“I dropped out of school because I was bullied by a group who subjected me to unrelenting harassment because I dressed different. It ranged from ‘faggot’ being written on my locker to five guys waiting outside of the classroom. There was nobody to help. I never finished high school — I dropped out at 15 and came to New York, and it saved my life.”

— Celebrity photographer David LaChapelle speaking in support of the documentary Bully and the importance of changing the film’s rating from ‘R’ so that affected teens can watch
(via Out)

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    As i understand it, the film received an R rating because of the swearing. So stop being whiny bitches, bleep out the curse words, and — voila! — PG-13.

    I thought David Lachappelle was the black dude…

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