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!! OMG, the injustice: Scarlett Johansson cast as Janet Leigh !!

How does Scarlett Johansson keep landing acting gigs?! Anyone can see the woman lacks talent — although I suppose most audiences don’t go to the movies to see ScarJo act. Sigh. Her latest opportunity to taint the silver screen will come when she plays Janet Leigh in Sacha Gervasi’s “Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho,” which reveals the story behind Hitchcock’s iconic 1960 horror film. Is it bad to at least take pleasure in the fact that Johansson’s character gets stabbed to death? Yeah, I said it.
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    Why are you always so anti- ScarJo? I mean she ain’t that bad, and has done some good roles – Ghost World, Lost in Translation, Match Point. She may not be the MOST talented, but c’mon – give her some credit!

    and technically, it’s her character’s character (Marion Crane) that gets stabbed to death.

    I have to agree with Derek. She was amazing in “Girl With A Pearl Earring” as well as “The Other Boleyn Girl”.

    I think she’s great.

    GASP. This actress has a Tony Award. She was brilliant in Match Point (a Woody Allen film!!!) and fantastic in Lost in Translation. Snap out of it!

    i dont think i hate her that much

    I adore her and she is very talented.

    Speaking of people who can’t act, I wonder who will be cast as Psycho’s shirtless male bimbo John Gavin?
    (I also disagree about her. She was good as a glum slacker in Ghost World too.)

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