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!! OMG, the inspiration for YSL’s spring 2012 look: ‘Nighty Night’ !!

It appears that Yves Saint Laurent is still reeling from its split with creative director Stefano Pilati and has sought beauty advice from Jill Tyrell, the psychotic hairdresser played by Julia Davis on British comedy series Nighty Night.
How else to explain the medieval fringe and drawn-on eyebrows that Italian model Mariacarla Boscono is sporting in the French fashion house’s spring 2012 campaign? As Jill explained to her client Mrs. Horner in episode one of season one: “I think what’s happened, OK, is that divorce has brought your eyebrows down, and that has largened up your forehead.”
(Thanks to make-up mavericks Rob and Margot for the tip!)




    I think it looks like the french singer Edith Piaf the queen of chanson.

    That is just uncanny. I’m a huge fan of Nighty Night, and I agree it seems incredibly Jill-inspired. How bizarre!

    Hello exactly! I thought the exact same thing!

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