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!! OMG, what if he was? Justin Bieber wants to be your ‘Boyfriend’ !!

Justin Timberlake, you better hurry up and put out a new album soon — because that little YouTube twerp Justin Bieber is starting to beat you at your own game. With his latest single, “Boyfriend,” the Biebs is taking his sound from screaming tween to sexed-up twenty-something, rapping — yes rapping — about dropping money on “swag, swag, swag” and eating fondue… by the fire.

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    I’ll have to pass on this, Boys. I’m gonna like, IMPLODE if Justin Bieber doesn’t like, go away. Seriously… :(…

    Gross, this medium talent little pop princess needs to go away. Just another mass produced, over hyped, beige sounding clone.

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