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!! OMG, who isn’t talking about Kirk Cameron? Now ‘The View’ !!

Of course, Dustin Lance Black isn’t the only one with something to say to Kirk Cameron. The View used Cameron’s homophobic statements in an interview with Piers Morgan as an excuse to heat up the conversation between Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck — because, oh my, do those ladies like to argue.
(via Joe.My.God.)

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    6 kids! OMG! time to remove the old nut sack and tax the crap out the maker of resource users, I mean resource abusers.

    Sherri and Hasselbeck say they don’t agree with him “at all”–but they support politicians who agree with him 100%! Behar did not get to the crux of the issue, whcih is why give Cameron a forum in the first place?

    LOL Joy Behar – the mad cow of America. That ‘woman’ is about as dumb as any I’ve seen.

    I find this very humorous. The women on The View argue about EVERYTHING. It’s set up that way. It’s called trying to make ratings.

    Who cares a flying fiddlers fig about Kirk Cameron? Does he have any importance in the reality of anything? He should stick a holy Eucharist in his pie hole and knit one pearl two.

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