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!! OMG, download the new Lioness single: "The Night" !!


Dance rockers Lioness have made the first single off their forthcoming album The Golden Killer available for free download. Entitled "The Night", the song was inspired by 'night terrors,' the sleep disorder that used to be called "Hag Syndrome" until the term was co-opted and re-purposed by the celebrity blogosphere.

Singer and lyricist Vanessa Fischer describes the experience as "cold bones grasping and digging into my torso while being unable to move or scream." Sounds like the usual Friday night shenanigans to us!

The Golden Killer is out April 17 via New Romantic. Check out Lioness' spring 2012 tour dates after the jump!

Lioness 2012 tour dates:

April 13 - Toronto, ON @ Horseshoe Tavern
April 18 - Kingston, ON @ The Mansion
April 30 - Ottawa, ON @ Café Dekcuf
May 1 - Montreal, QC @Le Divan Orange
May 3 - Brooklyn, NY @ Cameo Gallery
May 4 - New York, NY @ Pianos
May 5 - Cleveland, OH @ Happy Dog
May 7 - Chicago, IL @ Township

OMG, Lioness announce new album: 'The Golden Killer'
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» posted by Kevin on Monday, April 2, 2012
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