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!! OMG, finally, the trailer: ‘Magic Mike’ !!

At long last — and after many a released teaser photo — we’re getting an extended look at “Magic Mike,” the stripper biopic detailing Channing Tatum‘s past as a “sexy police officer.” If nothing else, the movie certainly promises a plethora of nudity options, although I’ll admit I’m mostly just excited to see Joe Manganiello bare his buns…

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    Magic Mike is really power

    looks just awful…who is the actress? beyond miscast. yuck

    Remember when they said there’d be full frontals and then there wasn’t? Remember when they said this would be sexy and then they turned it into a romcom? Yeah… too bad to see the double standard of female nudity is hot, male nudity is funny/gross is alive and well. A movie about male strippers should have male nudity.

    They said there won’t be any nudity…

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