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!! OMG, his peen: Harry Eden !!

I’m not quite sure what I expected to find from the promise of Harry Eden showing full-frontal nudity in the short gay film “Nightswimming” (a pool perhaps or an homage to REM?) but I certainly never anticipated the NSFW shot after the jump…

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    I love that they take their jobs seriously enough to be fully exposed on camera!

    Best full frontal in a loooooong time. Omgblog is back in business.

    Obviously this shot is hot as hell!
    And, dude is fucking cute. I whole heartedly approve!
    For once OMGblog, has a winning full frontal.. 😀 Kudos OMGblog!

    Wow! Very hot…

    Nice..I love that some of these guys are ‘fluffed’ for their frontal shots!!

    Oh my, sign me up for swimming lessons.

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