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!! OMG, his (real?) butt: Zac Efron !!

Zac Efron recently got his exhibitionist on at his hotel in Sydney, Australia. We found the photos of him chilling on his balcony, aggressively adjusting his goods and standing naked in his room. Do you think the butt shot is real?
Check out the NSFW images after the jump and let us know.

Click to enlarge.
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    So was the butt pic EVER verified as real!? I’ve always wondered. Someone please help lol

    Zac Efron is a total prude.Some real nudity will attract more people to his films. Another very insistent prude is Dave Annable, with his good looks, if he would be seen nude, he would get to act in better films than Park Avenue 666!

    Yeah the penis shots are way fake, the butt shot on the other hand I’m thinking is real, usually a photoshop would be so that the whole body is revealed. Either that or its one hell of a photoshop for a partial butt shot!
    I really think though its a pure captured papparrazi shot.. in a thread I saw these pics and the ones more recent reveal that he asked for the balcony view be blocked off with plants

    Bit hard to believe, considering the Hilton in Sydney does not have balconies.

    Having a zac attack because he looks so good down under.

    haha…what the fuck

    It may be real but not sure. It is a nice one though.

    This fool is in love with himself and flaunting it. He seems to be ALWAYS touching his junk.

    I wish those cock pics were real but they’re totally fake. First of all they look photoshopped and if he was really standing naked on his balcony, the paps would have gotten more than just one picture of him. Great butt though.

    Guys, the cock pic is a proven fake!

    Here’s the original. Sorry, cock shot is a fake.

    It’s a cute booty, but nothing special. Just cause it’s him doesn’t make it divine.

    Totally legit.

    one of the other sites has a clear pic of his cock from this same balcony

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