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!! OMG, watch Hole's classic line-up reunite for one night !!


What a busy weekend for drama in the music world... Tupac's hologram performed at Coachella (personally I was disappointed the cartoon version couldn't make it), Nicki Minaj committed Twitter harakiri, Axl Rose snubbed the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Courtney Love reunited Hole's classic mid-nineties line-up on stage in New York. Frankly, if you put all of the above items in a multiple choice question and asked me which one was false, I would not have believed that feuding members of a rock band could put aside their differences for non-monetary reasons to spontaneously perform together for the benefit of an excited group of fans but there you have it.

Basically what happened was someone made a documentary about former Hole drummer Patty Schemel called Hit So Hard, which screened in New York on Friday. At the after party at Brooklyn club The Public Assembly, Schemel, guitarist Eric Erlandson and bassist Melissa Auf Der Maur were performing under the name Trinity Jam and Courtney joined them for a rendition of "Miss World" and a cover of the Wipers' "Over the Edge." Watch the performance below:

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» posted by Kevin on Monday, April 16, 2012
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