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!! OMG, just keeps getting better: Ewan McGregor and Cate Blanchett on ‘The Graham Norton Show’ !!

This clip from The Graham Norton Show is — I kid you not — a tiny slice of heaven. Firstly, it’s The Graham Norton Show, which is genius. Then there’s Oscar winner Cate Blanchett being her immaculate self in the presence of fellow guests Matt Lucas and Michael Sheen. Then — as if that weren’t sufficient — there’s Ewan McGregor telling one of the most naked stories I’ve ever heard. So, no, really, a tiny slice of heaven.
(via AfterElton)

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    @ PHIL: Perhaps, but it’s an old hat I’d gladly wear.

    i never thought i’d say this, but we’ve all seen ewan mcgregor naked that it’s become old hat now.

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