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!! OMG, heartless: J.Lo's "Dance Again" video !!

If Jennifer Lopez's latest video for her Pitbull collaboration, "Dance Again," is any indication, then I'd say J.Lo is positioning herself to play the Tin Man when they finally remake "The Wiz." No, seriously, there's a lot of silver body paint.

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» posted by Phillip on Friday, April 6, 2012
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Omg...I can't remember the last time I came to this page and truly said OMG!

» posted by brent | April 6, 2012 9:38 PM

Complete crap. She can't sing with that awful voice, dance with those chubby stumpy legs or act. Why is this low class trash even famous?

» posted by TJ | April 6, 2012 5:09 PM

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