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!! OMG, say it ain’t so: Miss Travel !!

Miss Travel – How It Works from Miss Travel on Vimeo.

Um, if this is real I’m gonna vomit a little in my mouth… and then into any woman’s luggage who signs up to be a Miss Travel.

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    Beware those jaded old men on meds that can’t get it together, shriveled loooozer guys who’s wife dumped them so they want to get even with poor young girls. It is called miss travel, not miss hooked up now cause I’m a desperate old ugly bring asshole

    Where’s the gay version? 🙁 XDD
    ( btw post it pls it’s so beautiful http://youtu.be/_2KxlzQMTpU )

    Where the heck was this service before I got a full-time job?? :

    Why don’t they just hire a high priced call girl and avoid the ienevitable attempted rape charge?

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