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!! OMG, spoiler alert! Changes coming ‘Downton Abbey’ !!

Obviously, if you don’t want to know the big, big news about the next season of Downton Abbey, by all means stop reading now. The again, if you just can’t resist a juicy new detail about everyone’s favorite show, then follow the jump.

According to producer Rebecca Eaton, “Matthew and Mary do get married, somebody will be born, and somebody will die — somebody pretty key in the cast.” Ah! If that somebody is Maggie Smith’s Countess, I just won’t know what to do with myself. She’s 42% of the reason to watch in the first place!
(via Vulture)




    Bates can die. Thomas can kick it. And that frumpy biotch with the cracker barrel hairdo too!

    Nooo! Thomas can’t die. Thomas is like 29% of the reasons I watch.

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