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!! OMG, trailer: Daniel Craig in 'Skyfall' !!

While the only thing falling from the sky this morning in New York is a hellofalot of rain, the teaser trailer for "Skyfall," the next installment in the 007 series, promises a drench you in Daniel Craig's sexiness, as James Bond takes on yet another set of international bad guys. Of course, any dose of 007 is better with a martini, but it's not too early, right?

OMG, time to get excited: Daniel Craig's sexiest 007 in 'Skyfall'
OMG, 'this is the end': Watch the 'Skyfall' opening sequence
OMG, FIRST LOOK: Daniel Craig and Léa Seydoux hit the set of James Bond's latest 'SPECTRE'
OMG, the perfect pair: James Bond and Q meet for the first time in 'Skyfall'
OMG, perfection: New 'Skyfall' trailer with Adele's Bond theme

» posted by Phillip on Monday, May 21, 2012
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