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!! OMG, a peek at his peen: Jay Jamieson !!

As a member of tribute band Envy UK, Jay Jamieson has already “packed so much” into his performing career, according to the band’s website. Apparently part of that is amateur home photography, or so the singer’s NSFW iPhone-in-the-mirror pictures would suggest after the jump…

UPDATE: Jay has requested that we remove the images and we have complied. Sorry, everyone!

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    I could be wrong but this guy may be circ. since he doesn’t show his entire penis. a intact man can show his whole peen and still have something left to imagination but circ man tend to keep their glands covered by something. underwear or towels

    This guy is beyond hot!!!!! I like shaved and it looks big enough for meeeee!!! 😀 😀 😀

    @ shannon
    Seriously, you are a waste of air.

    Thanks to the people for the nice comments but I’d like to know how I’ve went Brazilian? Lol I’m trimmed!

    @Shannon shut up you old stretched out whore go to hell and die

    Why was the posting even posted? Waste of time…small peen

    …goes brazilian?

    Oh so very tasty.


    Yet, another “man” who goes Brazilian…FAIL!!!!

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